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Scientific program

The scientific program “Preparing for the future” will showcase the latest developments in clinical chemistry. We aim to cover state-of-the-art knowledge in a wide variety of fields of clinical chemistry bridging basic research and clinical application, and spanning from practical issues in daily routine to advanced data science. New technological developments as well as requirements to prepare for a future successful career in clinical chemistry will be covered. Our invited plenary speakers provide cutting edge updates with an in-depth focus on cardiometabolic disease, coagulation and neurodegenerative disease. We expect that our ambitious program will fulfill the needs of virtually everybody working in and around the exciting field of clinical chemistry.

Development and Improvements

For the XXXIX Nordic Congress in Clinical Chemistry, we are excited to present a new topic “Development and Improvements” as a complement to the scientific program. This topic fosters collaboration among professionals from various disciplines, including clinical chemists, laboratory technicians, biomedical scientists, researchers, and healthcare providers to shed light upon intriguing subjects.    

Key features and components of the area include:

  • Advances in the area Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the future of laboratories.
  • Diversity and inclusion in laboratory professions and opportunities for career growth.
  • Evolving skill sets (task-shifting) and competencies required for careers in future laboratories.
  • Healthy and sustainable workplace-environments.
  • Examples and lessons learned from laboratories during times of crisis.

There is an immense anticipation for the XXXIX Nordic Congress in Clinical Chemistry and by addressing these topics, the congress can foster dialogue, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among stakeholders involved in shaping the future of laboratories. It can also promote innovation and resilience in laboratories to address a wide range of challenges, from scientific breakthroughs to crises like pandemics. Hope to see you in the beautiful city of Stockholm soon!

Welcome to take part of four inspiring days in Stockholm. The scientific program will be continously updated.

  • Tuesday 17 September 2024

    12:30 Opening ceremony and Welcome

    Plenary session on Cardiovascular disease :  Lipid profile and cardiovascular disease

     Prof. Borge G. Nordestgaard (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

    13:30 Break

    The Lorentz Eldjarn Prize Competition for Best Publication

    Chair: Prof. Jens Petter Berg, Managing Editor of SJCLI (Oslo University Hospital, Norway) 

    15:15 Coffee & Exhibition

    Clinical chemistry through the ages: milestones, discoveries and innovations

    • Assoc Prof. A Kallner  (Sweden)

    Kidney function measurement – what is needed in clinical practice?

    • Prof. M de Borst (The Netherlands) 
    • Dr. P Delanaye (France) 

    Session by NFKK: Recommendations from The Nordic preanalytical scientific working group

    Chair: Dr M Nybo (Denmark)

    • Prof. Dr. J Cadamuro (Austria) Progress in Europe on the preanalytical area?
    • Clin Biochemist J Pelanti (Finland) How do we use pneumatic tube systems in the Nordic countries?
    • Dr. B Willman (Sweden) Survey on Nordic blood sampling recommendation/status for blood sampling QC
    • Dr. G B Berge Kristensen (Norway) Recommendation on how to handle hemolysis indices
    • Dr. M Nybo (Denmark) Nordic fasting recommendation – how to proceed?
    17:15 -  Mingel - reception Aula Medica
  • Wednesday 18 September

    07:30 Educational session TBA

    Hematology – selected case discussion

    Chair: Dr. S Beshara (Sweden)

    Hot debate - Pros and cons of large-scale screening

    Chair: Assoc Prof. L Tjernberg (Sweden)

    08:15 Break

    Outcome of PSA-screening in Sweden - Is there enough benefit?

    Erythrocyte disorders

    Predicting the unpredictable? Novel developments to personalize healthcare

    • Prof. S Meijer (Sweden)
    10:00 Coffee & Exhibition
    10:30 Serum biomarkers for diagnosing cancer – where do we stand today?

    Alcohol and drug testing - new substances and new analytical problems

    • A Helander (Sweden)

    Transfer of PFAS from the mother and associated metabolic and neurodevelopmental changes in the child

    Chair: Dr P Bjellerup (Sweden)

    • Dr A Bjørke Monsen (Norway) 

      Transfer of PFAS from the mother and associated metabolic and neurodevelopmental changes in the child

    11:00 Break

    The Margareta Blombäck plenary session on Coagulation: Thrombotic Micropangiopathies (TMA) - many diseases not so many tests- Special Focus om Preeclampsia 

    Chair: Prof. J Antovic (Sweden)

     Prof. V Garovic  (Mayo Clinic Rochester, USA) 

    12:00 12:00-13:45  Lunch and exhibition
    12:30 Company session Company session Company session
    13:00 Break
    13:15 Company session Company session Company session

    Laboratory Medicine in times of crisis

    Thrombotic microangiopathies - many diseases not so many tests

    • Prof. J Antovic (Sweden) New approaches in the laboratory diagnosis of HUS/TTP
    • Dr. M Farm (Sweden) Laboratory role in the diagnosis and follow up the treatment in HIT
    • Dr. A Kimiaei (Sweden) Implementing the ISTH guidelines for the diagnosis of lupus anticoagulant - our experience and lessons learned


    Session by Institutet för biomedicinsk laboratorievetenskap

    • Assoc Prof. G Lillsunde Larsson (Sweden) Actionplan for the Future- the situation for biomedical laboratory scientists in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden
    15:15 Coffee & Exhibition

    Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Workers: Tips and Tricks for Lab Pros

    • M Flodberg (Sweden)
    • Å Malmenklev (Sweden)
    • S Lööv (Sweden)

    New targets, new opportunities? Cardiovascular biomarkers today and tomorrow

    • Prof. U Tietge (Sweden)

    Liver diseases - an expanding medical field

    • Dr. M van Berkel (Netherlands)
    • Assoc Prof. H Hagström (Sweden)
    17:15 End of day

    Thursday 19 September


    Dyslipidemia – selected case discussion

    Chair: G Eggertsen (Sweden)

    Educational session in Coagulation

    • Dr. M Farm (Sweden)
    Educational session TBA
    08:15 Break
    08:30 Improvement and development AI - the future colleague in clinical chemistry

    Session by Svenska Sjukhuskemistförbundet - Könshormoner i låga nivåer

    • Prof. A Lindén Hirschberg (Sweden)  
    10:00 Coffee & Exhibition

    Mass is King - Novel mass spectrometric applications in clinical chemistry

    • Prof. J Lehtiö (Sweden) Proteomics for diagnosing disease
    • Dr. S Gaunitz (Sweden) Glycomics at Clinical chemistry
    11:00 Break

    Plenary session on Neurodegenerative disease:  Fluid biomarkers for Alzheimer’s – finding the place of blood and CSF tests at the memory clinic and in the clinical chemistry lab

    Prof. Kaj Blennow  ( University of Gothenburg, Sweden) 

    12:00 12:00-13:45  Lunch & Exhibition
    12:30 Company session Company session Company session
    13:00 Break
    13:15 Company session Company session organised by Roche
    Step into the future with cobas Mass Spec analyzer, i601
    Company session

    How paradigm shifts shape the future of laboratory medicine

    • P Cörner (Sweden)


    External quality assessment in laboratory medicine: what, how and why

    • L Björndahl(Sweden)

    Blood biomarkers - A new era for diagnosing Alzheimer disease?

    • Dr. T Karikari (Sweden) pTau variants predict disease
    • Dr. S Schedin Weiss (Sweden) Glycans as novel biomarkers for Alzheimer disease
    • Prof. L Jönsson (Sweden) Can we justify screening for Alzheimer disease?

    Laboratory and cancer associated thrombosis (CAT) - where we are

    • Prof. A Falanga (Italy) CAT overview
    • Prof. J Odeberg (Sweden) Proteomics in CAT
    • Dr. C Gran (Sweden) Extracellular Vesicles, Tissue Factor, and NETosis
    15:15 Coffee & Exhibition

    External quality assessment in laboratory medicine: what, how and why

    • E Hallin-Bergvall (Sweden)
    • M Dajaku (Sweden)

    Precision medicine: dream or reality?

    • Prof. P Parini (Sweden)
    • Dr. Å Wheelock (Sweden)

    Session by BALM

    • Dr V Banys (Lithuania), M Bieliauskas (Lithuania) Roadtrip towards harmonized reporting of laboratory results in Lithuania. 
    • J Meisters (Latvia) 
    • Dr A Tamm (Estonia) Digital transmission of laboratory data in Estonia. 

    17:15 End of program
  • Friday 20 September

    07:30 Educational session TBA

    Brain calcification – selected case discussion

    Chair: U Diczfalusy (Sweden)

    Educational session - Analytical interference in Clinical chemistry 

    • Dr P Bjellerup, MD PhD (Sweden)
    • Dr M Karlman, MD PhD (Sweden)
    08:15 Break

    The future of laboratories: trends, challenges and opportunities

    • B Schadenberg (Holland)
    • L Nyman (Sweden)

    Career and competence in laboratory medicine: challenges, trends and best practices

    Chair: Dr. M Shafaati Lambert PhD (Sweden)

    • N Hourani Soutari (Sweden)
    • H Stenling (Sweden)
    • A Kollberg (Sweden)

    Session by Svensk Förening för Klinisk Kemi - Choosing Wisely

    Chair: J Skogö (Sweden)

    • K Stordal (Norway)
    10:00 Coffee & Exhibition
    10:30 The NFKK Award Competition for Best Nordic Scientific Work
    12:00 Lunch Break
    12:30 Plenary session by Nordisk Forening for Klinisk Kemi - Clinical metabolomics, a new era for laboratory medicine:
    Chairs: Dr. P Bjellerup (Sweden) and Dr. Y T Bliksrub (Norway)
    • Dr. K Elgstøen, Msc PhD (Norway) Global metabolomics, why and how
    • Prof. Ron M A Heeren (Maastricht University, Netherlands)
    • Dr. Y T Bliksrud, MD PhD (Norway) Interpretation challenges, the need for the medical doctor in the laboratory  
    13:15 Closing ceremony with presentation av pricewinners and welcome to NCCC2026 Århus, Denmark
    14:00 End of the Conference