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Scientific program

The scientific program “Preparing for the future” will showcase the latest developments in clinical chemistry. We aim to cover state-of-the-art knowledge in a wide variety of fields of clinical chemistry bridging basic research and clinical application, and spanning from practical issues in daily routine to advanced data science. New technological developments as well as requirements to prepare for a future successful career in clinical chemistry will be covered. Our invited plenary speakers provide cutting edge updates with an in-depth focus on cardiometabolic disease, coagulation and neurodegenerative disease. We expect that our ambitious program will fulfill the needs of virtually everybody working in and around the exciting field of clinical chemistry.

Development and Improvements

For the XXXIX Nordic Congress in Clinical Chemistry, we are excited to present a new topic “Development and Improvements” as a complement to the scientific program. This topic fosters collaboration among professionals from various disciplines, including clinical chemists, laboratory technicians, biomedical scientists, researchers, and healthcare providers to shed light upon intriguing subjects.    

Key features and components of the area include:

  • Advances in the area Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the future of laboratories.
  • Diversity and inclusion in laboratory professions and opportunities for career growth.
  • Evolving skill sets (task-shifting) and competencies required for careers in future laboratories.
  • Healthy and sustainable workplace-environments.
  • Examples and lessons learned from laboratories during times of crisis.

There is an immense anticipation for the XXXIX Nordic Congress in Clinical Chemistry and by addressing these topics, the congress can foster dialogue, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among stakeholders involved in shaping the future of laboratories. It can also promote innovation and resilience in laboratories to address a wide range of challenges, from scientific breakthroughs to crises like pandemics. Hope to see you in the beautiful city of Stockholm soon!

Welcome to take part of four inspiring days in Stockholm. The scientific program will be continously updated.